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We help your ads get eFocused

What We Do?


eFocus is a Digital Business Development/Media Company located in Tysons Corner, Virginia /Atlanta, Georgia /and National Harbor Maryland. We focus on content creation because content is King across the internet. Creating Professional Videos, Social Media Campaigns, VideoWebSites, Radio buys S.E.O. and Brand enhancement allows us to drive Business Success to our clients. Socializing, Networking, and Sponsoring events across the DMV allows us to build relationships across our target markets and to make the proper connections to assist our clients to build their own clientele. A Video Is Worth A Million Words...A Connection Is Priceless....

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Why 2 minute Video?


We can't count the number of times we've heard this question: “How long should my video production be?” 2 MINUTES we say! Over the years people have become either too lazy or inundated with their day-to-day lives, both personally and through the operation of a business. We have become a society of Go Go Go Go. With this fast-paced intense structure of life, we have been programmed to seek quick information. Reading has become scarce if not a thing of the past for most of us due to time restraints and the inability to focus. We here at eFocus understand these woes so we promote our clients to receive 2-minute promo videos of their business process, a storyboard of their businesses WHY, and or product information. We keep these videos at 2 minutes because it has been proven that keeping it short and sweet will foster focus on the essential information you deem necessary to get across to your viewer. Due to our uber digital lifestyle, there are many other communication mediums in competition with an explainer video: e-mails, calls, newsfeeds, and timelines. Don’t make your viewers feel that you’ll steal some of their precious time! In this case, less can be more! You score with a 2-minute video and you win and change the game with:


Social Media

Many small business owners either spend too much time creating their social posts, their marketing plan, and content or not enough time. Time is Money, having an Agency that is local and that has direct connections for you as a local business owner makes it advantageous to have eFocus marketing and posting for your business, and connecting you to our network is just an added benefit. A Connection Is Priceless


Contact eFocus

Maryland office : 240-533-5340
Virginia office : 703-659-9747
Atlanta office : 

Drop us a line with any questions, inquiries or business proposals

Thanks for getting eFocused!

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